Steal Her Style: Audrey Hepburn

The term “style icon” is synonymous to her name. Audrey Hepburn is and will always be a style icon for many reasons, namely her love affair with Givenchy and her sprinkles of Louis Vuitton and Ferragamo. Audrey’s style stands out because of her simple pieces that were well tailored.

Tailored Clothes


Well fitted clothes elongate the body and gives a good shape. Audrey’s clothes were fitted to accentuate her flattering waist.


Audrey was really tall, so she stuck to flats or kitten heels. Ballet pumps, if worn correctly, can give an outfit a glamorous appearance. Try to opt for plain ones with less or no embellishment.


Black elongates and slims down any body type. Wear a black dress and its a party (or Breakfast At Tiffany’s). Choose an elegant style with a length that sits on the knee.


Gloves serve a dual purpose: making an ensemble look uber chic and protecting your kitty paws from harsh UV rays. Why not?


A choker elongates the neck and it doesn’t clash with the neckline of an outfit. Stick to classic styles that are simple in design and monochromatic.

A Crisp White Shirt


A crisp white shirt is a guaranteed home run as far as fashion goes. It’s eternally stylish however can be a bit of a style chameleon according to what you pair it with.



A pair of casual slacks can easily be dressed up or down which makes it quite a worthwhile investment when you consider how much wear you’ll get out of it. Wear it slightly cropped to give it a more contemporary feel.

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