Queen Regnant’s Ultimate Eyeliner Guide

Queen Regnant has done her homework! It took me years to figure out the eyeliner thing, what to use, how to draw the line and what type of line to draw, so I gathered up as much information I could find(which has been incredibly useful over time!) to remove the guesswork for you. Presenting Queen Regnant’s Ultimate Eyeliner Guide!


1.Types Of Eyeliner

Eyeliner Types

How to tell those eyeliner brushes apart:
eyeliner brushes

2.How To Draw The Basic Line

Hold your eyelid to ensure a smooth and even line.

Draw away!



3.The Line That Best Suits Your Eye Shape

A slight modification of the basic line to suit your eye shape:


Q-tips, earbuds, whatever you call it, will help fix those minor mistakes. Use a tiny dot of foundation and dab along the error and voila!



Line those eyes away, duchesses and don’t forget to share the love, the world would look a little prettier with a touch of eyeliner!


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