The Art And Speed Of Growing Hair

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I had the worst luck with my hair over the last 8-10 years. My hair didn’t grow past a certain length for various reasons; poor diet which led to health issues that I tried to disguise with heat and peroxide (remember my Rita Ora/ Shakira platinum blonde phase?). In late 2015, I decided to go on my version of a hair diet and I attempted to go on a hair detox that would take a year to complete.
First, I transitioned from solid blonde to a grown out ombre color from my natural brunette roots and platinum ends. The inconsistent color of my tresses drove me insane so I started to color my hair back from blonde to dirty blonde to dark brown. Sadly, I didn’t consider Olaplex or any sort of protection, so my hair began to break from damage.
I began to use hair extensions to disguise the fact that my hair didn’t gain length and it remained at shoulder length for over 11 months. In January 2017, I cut off all the damaged bits off my hair, the parts that were bleached and colored intensively. While my hair was healthier and softer, the hair growth was stumped. So I did some research (Thank you YouTube!) and I began my hair growth routine in March 2017.
On average, hair grows up to 1 to 1,5 centimeters per month. With my method of madness, my hair grew by 14 centimeters in three months. No kidding.
Here’s what I did, in no particular order;

No Heat

I didn’t use any form of heat on my locks for months at a time. This allowed my hair to heal from the drying effects of heat styling, in fact, it restored my hair to its natural texture within weeks of staying away from styling tools. If my hair needed to be dried asap, I used the cool mode on my hair dryer. On days where my frizzies were unruly beyond measure, I used braided updos, ballerina buns and
fishtail braids to conceal the frizz.

No Color

Not a touch of ammonia or peroxide for the longest time, even though I found 3 grey hairs this year (bummer) helped with scalp dryness.

Scalp Massage

I spent 10 minutes each week massaging my scalp non-stop. I feel like the scalp massage produced the most results in terms of hair growth, I grow almost an inch of hair after each scalp massage.

Hair Oil

Oils are enriched with vitamins and minerals that help the hair. After apply the oil (during massage), my hair is more shiny and manageable. I prefer oil blends or basic coconut oil.

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