How I Gained 10000 Instagram Followers

As many of Queen Regnant’s followers have noticed, I have tried almost strategy to gain a social media following. From posting 3 times a day to posting about almost every topic, I hit around 2500 followers and stayed at that point for a very long time. Gaining followers requires a sequence of tasks, that works like a charm each and every time. As promised, here’s what you need to do!

Number Of Followers

I have noticed that I gained more followers once I dropped the number of people I followed on Instagram. If you notice the follower-following count of most influencers on the popular social network, you will see that their following count is drastically lower than their actual followers. I haven’t read much into why fans prefer to follow people with a low following count, but once I dropped mine, my followers increased.

Quality Of Pictures

There was a time when I posted so many times a day! My family and friends got annoyed at the fact that I needed to take pics of every pretty thing we saw, and to be honest, it didn’t do much for my Instagram account. Now, I focus on producing high quality content for my feed and posting once a day. (See Timing) If you have more than one good shot, you can post it as a throwback on days when you don’t have content available or you can post it on your Instagram Stories.

Editing Pictures

If you use your cellphone to take pictures, there are ways to produce high quality content such as:


I love how the VSCO filters give dimension to pictures that look basic. I try to maintain a cool Instagram feed to balance my warm skin tone, so I stick to cool VSCO filters, but you have the option to play around with the app, adding highlights, shadows, grain, saturation, you name it (you can read more about it in Queen Regnant’s Guide To Instagram Know-It-All) to give your pictures that extra oomph.


FaceTune is a paid app(There are some fantastic free alternatives such as Pixlr and Snapseed) that allows me to fix lighting issues as well as edit minor “imperfections” in my images such as stray hairs, unwanted shadows and dirty spots for my street shots. I also love the Details feature that allows me to make certain accents pop, and the Defocus feature that helps you to mimic an image taken with a powerful DSLR lens.


I use specific sets of hashtags for the pictures I post. You are only allowed a maximum of 30 hashtags per post so don’t go nuts, watch that count. You need to do your research, depending on the content you post but here’s the ones I use or you can find a comprehensive list of hashtags relevant to specific topics in Queen Regnant’s Guide To Instagram Know-It-All

Also, I try to disguise my hashtags in the comments (even though it doesn’t help when people view my feed on a PC) like this:


If you are serious about growing your following on Instagram, you should have an Instagram Business Account. The benefit of having one is your ability to view times when your followers are most interactive. This helps with more engagement ie. Likes and comments on your pictures. Try to post around those times and you will see more interactivity.


I can put my head on the block and say that this simple task is by far the most successful way of getting more followers on Instagram. Its quite simple, all you have to do is search for popular hashtags of the kind of content you post such as #fashion, #flowers, #makeup etc. You will see “Top Posts” pop up first in the search results. Go to these posts and like them and comment on a few. It seems tideous but it really works. By doing this, you get Instagram’s algorithm to work for you. Your pictures will appear on more suggested feeds and since your content will be improving with the other tips I have given you, more people will get to see your feed and are more likely to follow you.

So there we go, easy as pie. I can’t wait to hear about how this worked out for you!

If you want a more in-depth, extensive knowledge regarding Instagram and how to utilize it to your advantage, my new e-book Queen Regnant’s Guide To Instagram Know-It-All is now available to Pre-Order.

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