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" /> I Don’t Know How She Does It [with Free 2018 Printables] - Queen Regnant

I Don’t Know How She Does It [with Free 2018 Printables]

Happy 2018 Duchesses! Here’s to our biggest and most ambitious year yet. Over the last year or so, a lot of people have asked me about how I manage to juggle three jobs, my studies and all the exciting events I post on QR’s social channels. At first, I felt rather overwhelmed because like any power-hungry woman, I want it all. I have learnt that planning is key. Write down everything, your goals, your daily and weekly schedule, your habits, everything.

Making lists are so mind-boggling, so I tried my best to put together a few printable lists and a calendar to help you get started. The following lists will assist you in being the best possible version of yourself this year:

Printables List

Task Tracker

Task Tracker Printable
Click to download.

Weekly Planner

Click to download.
Click to download.

Daily Planner

Daily planner printable.
Click to download.

Habit Tracker

Click to download.

2018 Overview

Click to download.

2018 Breakdown

Click to download.

I hope that you all like this cute calendar I put together(we just love pretty things!)

Click to download.

I also designed some desktop background monthly calendars for you all #OprahVibes 😜



Click here to download high quality images of the monthly calendar wallpaper backgrounds.

Click on the pictures to download everything and I would love to hear from you and about how the planners are helping you out this year. Feel free to hashtag #queenregnant on social media or tag @alyssapillay on Instagram or @queenregnant on Facebook.

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