All About That (Chuck) Bass

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Charles Bartholomew Bass is a fictional character from the popular TV series Gossip Girl, played by Ed Westwick. He has embedded his place into pop culture for his witty lines, hedonistic lifestyle, Casanova-like demeanor and most importantly, his personal style.




Get The Look

1. A Well Tailored Suit

Chuck Bass Suit
Grey McCurdy Suit, Marco Benetti, R749

2.A Textured Bowtie

Chuck Bass Bowtie
Mustard Knitted Bowtie, C-Squared, R149


Chuck Bass Braces
Navy Braces, Markham, R129

4.Bold Colours

Chuck Bass Coat
Coral Blazer, Markham, R999

5.A Pocket Square

Chuck Bass Pocket Square
Silk Pocket Square, Tom Ford

6. Luxurious Ties

Paisley Tie, C-Squared, R100


Chuck Bass Brogues
Tyler Leather Brogues, Trenery R1999

8. Gold Watch

Chuck Bass watch
Nixon Sentry All Gold Watch R6999

9. Leather Gloves

Chuck Bass Gloves
Herbert Stitch Gloves, Pringle of Scotland, R576