How To Break In Tight Heels

I have wide feet, but when I see a pair of heels that I want, my wide feet is the last thing on my mind! I’m sure we’ve all been in that situation: you try on the perfect pair of heels and it looks stunning and when you walk a few metres in them, you realise that those heels are tight. It fits but it’s just too tight! Thank goodness that those slippers aren’t made of glass (sorry Cinderella, I don’t have advice for you), I have the perfect solution!

1. Firstly, scuff the bottom of your heels to prevent slipping. Rub a piece of sandpaper in a side-to-side motion across the bottom of the shoe. The roughness mimics the wear and tear of walking in a fraction of the time.

2. Slip on a pair of thick socks, then put on your heels. Moist socks might feel a little icky, but they’ll help soften and stretch out snug heels. Walk around the house for 20 to 30 minutes, then take off the socks and see how they feel.

3. Use the heat of a hair dryer for a quicker break-in, so to speak. Slip on your heels – over a pair of thick socks if they’re a little tight – and blast them with your warm hair dryer for two to three minutes. Wiggle your toes and flex your feet as you concentrate the dryer on the tightest or stiffest part of your shoes. The heat will help soften and break in your heels faster.

And there you have it, just in time to break your dancing heels for the festive season!

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