Some Basic Photography Tips

Photography Tips Queen Regnant

Once upon a time, I felt incredibly ridiculous while posing for pictures. I’ve realised that photography is an art when telling a story or sharing an experience. Queen Regnant’s fans have constantly asked for advice regarding taking beautiful photos, so hopefully these tips that I picked up over time will be useful. I’m grateful to work with talented photographers, but these tips are suited to those using any photography device, be it an iPhone or a camera with a self-timer.


Photography Queen Regnant

Time of day is key when it comes to shooting. Look for the best possible time to shoot when the light is soft and not harsh. The photo above was taken 5:30pm in the most beautiful light. Notice how my body is facing toward the setting sun. In the photo below, the sun is on my side which makes my face dark and the background back-lit.

Photography Tips Queen Regnant


Photography Tips Queen Regnant

Even a chunky piece of wood can become your best friend when you are taking pictures. Whether it’s a quiet street or a building with exquisite architecture, look for inspiration that showcases your look and a sense of adventure that created the blog post and picture.


Photography Tips Queen Regnant

It’s a thing for bloggers to pose without smiling. Also, look away from the camera, possibly down or past the lenses. Draw attention to jewellery by lightly touching them while posing. Brush your fingers through hair to showcase your flowing locks.

Photo credits : Cheyenne Leigh Pillay Sallie C’est Lassie

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