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Master Make-Up Class by The King Himself

It’s a chilly, windy Sunday morning, and the conference room at the Coastlands Musgrave Hotel in Durban, South Africa is packed with eager women. My front row companions— Karishma Ramdev, Maryam AB, Naliyani Govender and Brett Robson— were dressed to impress as we gathered to witness a whole lot of magic. The occasion? Neil Ramautar’s Master Make Up Class, an exclusive event that sold out in a matter of 72 hours a few months prior.

Office Go-Getter: Assertiveness In The Workplace

Being Assertive

We hear a lot of talk about assertiveness these days. With all the lean-in chatter and “bossy” talk, it’s become one those vague, theoretical buzzwords about women in the workplace. We all know assertiveness is a crucial and often difficult skill — not only for women, but for anyone who struggles with speaking up, introversion, or insecurity (i.e. everyone).